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Financial Literacy

Finance and money management can be intimidating – especially when you don’t seem to have anything left over at the end of the month. Financial literacy (budgeting, taxes, retirement, saving, etc) doesn’t have to be scary.

Get started by exploring these resources.

I. Books

You Need a Budget Book Cover

You Need A Budget follows four basic rules for money success. You Need A Budget also offers a website and podcast. Available at the Pearisburg Public Library (332.024 Me).

Worry Free Money Book Cover

This national best-seller focuses on attitudes and pressures surrounding money and how that can hold you back. Available at the Pearisburg Public Library (332 Si).

Happy Go Money Book Cover

Happy Go Money follows the trend that money shouldn’t be stressful. Similar to Worry-Free Money, Melissa Leong focuses on your relationship to money as the key to success. Available at the Pearisburg Public Library (332 Le).

The Financial Diet Book Cover

This self proclaimed beginner’s guide doesn’t just discuss the basics of budgeting, it also talks about how to avoid budget busters and social pressures. Find tips on groceries, house care, and having awkward conversations with your friends. Available at the Pearisburg Public Library (332.024 Fa).

Broke Millennial Book Cover

Specifically targeted towards millennials, this financial guide is funny and full of advice. Available at the Pearisburg Public Library (332.024 Lo).

Total Money Makeover Book Cover

A popular title with Pearisburg Library patrons, Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover is good place for beginner budgeters to begin.
Available at the Pearisburg Public Library (332.034 Ra).

II. Web Resources offers information on the My Money Five: Save & Invest, Earn, Protect, Spend, Borrow.


MoneySmart is a game-based online program for adults and young adults to learn basic money skills.

The Balance Blog logo

The Balance website has articles about all types of financial topics, from budgeting, retirement, investment, and more. Start with this post about basic budgeting to find your feet.

Half Banked Blog Logo

If you’re looking for a easy to follow blog with a friendly face, you may consider Half-Banked. Though some information is specific to Canada, a lot of tips and advice is applicable to anywhere.

III. Podcasts


Listen Money Matters Logo
This popular podcast features two guys talking about money. If you’re looking for a laid-back podcast with financial advice, check it out! Please be advised there is occasional strong language.

So Money Podcast Logo

Another favorite on the “best of” lists, So Money with Farnoosh Torabi interviews successful people and delves into the personal stories that got them where they are today.

Planet Money Logo

A long running podcast, Planet Money makes learning about the economy fun and easy. This is for anyone interested in economics.

V. Apps

Acorns App Logo

Acorns is an app that aims to make your savings and/or investment goals easier.

Qapital Logo

Similar to Acorns, Qapital is another saving and/or investing app available to use. Set your savings goals and personalize savings rules.

Mint Logo

One of the more well-known budget apps and resources, Mint offers an online option as well as the app.

VI. Money for Kids and Educators

Virtual Road Trip Game. Image of two children with cameras in front of mountains and name of the game, "Hit the Road."

Learn budgeting skills on a virtual road trip! This interactive game is a fun way for older kids to practice their financial knowledge.

The Mint is a fun resource for children and teens to explore various topics surrounding money and saving for their future and goals.

Image of pig on top of two books

Edutopia: Explore this financial resources guide geared toward educators and schools.

VI. Other Resources

Financial Education
The National Credit Union Administration offers a host of financial literacy resources. Check them out!

Remember, be sure to compare a number of resources to get a full picture of financial literacy and the tools available for you.

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